All of our Moomba and Supra Boats are fitted with inboard Indmar engines, more specifically V-drive inboards. This means that there is a fixed propeller and separate rudder fixed to the underside of the boat and the engine is mounted at the stern. Stern drive boats differ to this in that the stern drive unit provides both propulsion and turning (due to the fact the prop can turn left or right as well as rotate), as well as in that the stern drive unit protrudes from the rear of the boat rather than beneath it. Inboard V-drives offer several key advantages over stern drive boats which leads us to believe they are more suited to most people looking for a watersports boat, or even a general purpose boat for family use.


Wake Surfing – Due to the fact that the propeller is safely hidden under the rear of the boat, inboards allow for wake surfing. Wake surfing is where you fill up the built in ballast (see “standard features”), drive around 10 mph and surf off the wake produced without using a rope (extremely good fun!!). This is not possible with a stern drive boat due to the proximity of the prop to the rider. Brodie Boats also stocks a range of Shred Stixx wake surf boards.


The Wake – Inboard boats are designed primarily for wake sports and therefore have the perfect shape of hull to create the best shape of wake. This may not seem that important to beginners, but as you improve you will be thankful that it’s not your boat holding you back and only the amount of time you can spend on the water!


Standard Features – Inboard boats have a higher level of goodies included as standard with the boat in comparison to most stern drive boats. This includes the wake tower, cruise control, ballast tanks for making the perfect wake, wake plates and surf systems (Moomba’s Flow Surf and Supra’s Surf Swell systems).


Performance – Inboard boats handle like sports cars. The engines are generally bigger than your equivalent size stern drive boat and their steering is much lighter and more responsive, as all you are moving is the rudder and not an entire stern drive unit.


Maintenance – Inboards are simpler than stern drives and this leads to higher reliability and cheaper maintenance bills. Also, the bronze running gear of inboards are less prone to salt water corrosion than alloy stern drive units.


Resale Value – Inboard boats tend to hold their value better than stern drive boats, this is due to a combination of factors including quality of construction, availability, longer transferable warranty and their COOL factor!

All in all, you can go wrong with an inboard boat. Whether you are looking for a high performance wake boat or a general purpose family fun boat, there will more than likely be a boat that suits your needs within either the Moomba or Supra range. Please get in contact with us or visit our showroom if you would like to discuss which boat suits your requirements the best.